Endives J.M.S, Quebec’s biggest endive producer, chose Émulsion stratégie marketing to refresh its brand and devise an effective strategy tailored to marketing this unique vegetable. Their collaboration has led to the successful launch of Diva, the divine endive proudly showing its colours. While the endive has suffered from its bitter-tasting reputation, Endives Diva positions itself more as a tasty vegetable that is both nutritious and easy to prepare. Bold and colourful, the new Diva brand packaging features a wealth of delicious recipes also available online at endivesdiva.com. Since launching Endives Diva, company president Philippe Schryve has already announced a significant rise in sales. Endives Diva also attracted compliments from several American distributors during a recent tradeshow organized by Quebec Produce Marketing Association. Maybe our bold endives will soon be seducing our neighbours to the south? http://www.endivesdiva.com