Foodies like to be informed: so many new delights are discovered through a friend’s favorite recipe or a new restaurant review in a magazine. Nowadays, plenty of tricks and well-kept secrets are available right in our pockets, through smartphone applications, mostly regarding the iPhone. Émulsion is happy to recommend a few useful tools for the foodie in you.

Pair-it app

Pair-it (4,99$)
Created by master chef Bruce Riezenman from greatpairings.com, this app lets you scroll through a detailed list of food and meals to find the best wine pairing. What’s more, chef Bruce offers users his expertise, suggesting food items and meals for each wine.


restaurant nutrition

Restaurant Nutrition (free)
We all know it: fast food is rarely healthy and nutritious. But why not make a better choice and pick the least caloric item on the menu? With Restaurant Nutrition, users have access to the nutritional information of the meals served in most north-american chains, including coffeeshops such as Starbucks and Tim Hortons.


urbanspoon app

Urbanspoon (free)
This app is the mobile version of urbanspoon.com, where users from around the world become food critics. A smart classification by price, type of cuisine and of course, user appreciation, makes it easy to try news restaurants, locally or abroad. Also, this iPhone app gives you access to all this information all the while using the device’s GPS to suggest restaurants according to your geographical position.


Convert (2,99$)
Beyond the topic of food, this app enabes the user to make many types of conversions such as weight, height, currency and speed. This tool is great for travelers A la fin, c’est vous qui decidez comment jouer a vos jeux de roulette preferes! Запомнить · Забыли пароль? Получайте мновенные сообщения от ваших друзей, экспертов, любимых знаменитостей и самые последние новости со всего мира. and those who buy cookbooks in which mesures and weights are indicated in metric units … or vice-versa!


Fromage (2,99$)
With a database holding more than 750 varieties of cheeses, Fromage is a great app for neophytes but also foodies longing for discoveries. With research categories such as country of origin, type of milk and texture, this multilingual tool even enables you to make a list of your favorite items. You’ll be a true cheese expert!